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Studio Lani’s Talking Tables

February 18, 2020

Studio Lani display of talking tables lights and tables

Riley’s Bryan Dearsley met furniture designer Lani Adeoye of Studio Lani at a recent Design Show in Toronto and learned all about ‘Talking Tables’


A rising star in the world of design, McGill University graduate Lani Adeoye made good use of her time as an exhibitor at a recent Interior Design Show in Toronto Canada to showcase a sampling of her latest creations.

For Adeoye, founder of Sudio Lani, the show proved the perfect place to reveal one of her newest furniture lines: her stylish, hour-glass shaped Talking Tables. Inspired by the iconic West African dundun, or ‘talking drum’ – a name that in the Yoruba language mean ‘sweet sound’ in reference to the instrument’s use as a communication tool – these lovely sculptural, versatile tables are hand made in Nigeria to Adeoye’s original designs.


lani Studio Founder Lani with display at Toronto Design Show
Founder Lani Adeoye at the Toronto Design Show


Solidly constructed from hand welded metal and turned wood, Adeoye’s Talking Tables, however attractive, are much more than simply eye-catching pieces of furniture. With a nod to the importance of function, some models double as stools, side tables, lighting fixtures or even storage units, making them ideal for those looking to furnish downtown condos or vacation homes where space is at a  premium.


Studio Lani’s Talking Tables


Studio Lani has a number of different Talking Table models available for purchase, each named after a style of talking drum. These include:

  • Isaju – Hand welded in solid brass rods and hand turned wood, this multifunctional side table features a lift-off surface that doubles as a tray. Storage and light features are available as options.
  • Atele – Made from hand welded steel, hand turned wood and wrapped with leather strips, this multifunctional side table (it too has a removable tray top) is also available with storage and an optional light feature.
  • Dundun – These beautifully steel tables come in a variety of styles, including glass or wood tops, a fabric cover, as well as a light fixture.


Studio Lani's Talking Table with hand and glass of wine
Studio Lani’s Talking Tables… inspired by Africa


To learn more about Adeoye’s stylish furnishings, visit the Sudio Lani website at




Bryan Dearsley is Editor-in-chief of Riley Media. You can reach him at [email protected].

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